DreamBuilder Coaching is an organized process where you can dream big and achieve the life you want. Want to climb the corporate ladder? Open a business? Build that tight-knit family you always wanted? DreamBuilder Coaching shows you the way. Whether you are a high achiever or someone trying to set aside life disappointments or struggles, DreamBuilder Coaching transforms your thinking so you can experience big personal breakthroughs. Coaching is available in person or by telephone.

DreamBuilder Coaching: The Proven Success System for Achieving LifeGoals

Executives, Entrepreneurs, Small Business, Women, and NewCollegiate Graduates Rave About DreamBuilder Certified Coaching!

Do. Be. Have. Give. It’s all up to you!

You Deserve Life-Changing Results!
✓ Empowerment
✓ Engagement
✓ Achievement

This easy DreamBuilder approach fast-tracks your life planning by optimizing your
emotional strength and unique abilities to create a personalized life coaching
curriculum. Certified DreamBuilder Coaching is nationally recognized with proven

results for every stage of life. Plus, in-person seminars and workshops are perfect for
time sensitive schedules!

Life Coaching Works!

Create a Roadmap to Success

Living purposefully accelerates your ability to reach monumental milestones. Personalized coaching plans create a vision for your future while providing the intellectual tools necessary to get you there. Your plan will enhance your strengths, eliminate negativity, and focus on building abundance.

Uncover Dreams

Discovering what drives you and what makes you happy can ensure you live the good life. Building a successful life worth smiling about takes care, concentration, and dedicated effort. Life Coaching systematically identifies key indicators that reveal what success truly means to you.

Personalized Coaching Plans

From high level executives and business owners to stay-at-home-parents, living your best life means living at your highest potential. Personalized life coaching motivates, solves problems, eliminates obstacles, and improves decision making to move you to the next level of successful living.


Michelle M.

"Since childhood, I suffered with rash, allergies and other illnesses. As an adult, I continued suffering from the childhood problems and later developed an auto-immune disease which created more complications for me. I was treated for the illnesses with traditional medicine and methods, but with no real relief. I knew I could not continue this way.

I was referred to Paula Robben by a good friend. I had no previous experience with this kind of care.Because of all my symptoms, I came in very scared, and unsure what to expect. Paula helped keep mecalm, explaining things clearly and helping answer all my questions along the way. It has been morethan 9 years since I started the holistic journey to better health with Paula and Aloha Wellness. I feelstronger, am healthier and have the knowledge and support to continue the journey for improvedhealth. The support, practical knowledge and coaching Paula shares at each visit is such a vital part of the healing. I would encourage anyone to consider a consult with Paula to begin your journey to better health!"

Kennette O.

"I love the results I have gotten emotionally, as well as physically with Paula Robben. It is amazing how your physical body can be affected by emotional baggage. Paula’s technique gives you the ability to release the energy of your emotional blocks, as well as leaving you with less of a trigger to the problems in your life. She is a gift and has made me realize my potential, release old beliefs of failure and let me know I can accomplish anything. Thank you so much."

Matt W. 

"Jamie and I wanted to thank you for helping us get moving in the right direction for our move to Arizona. I had talked with Jamie several times stating that I think she or I should take your class. During this time Jamie and I had just started our own business and didn’t have a lot of extra money at the time to attend the class. Jamie was following Paula on her Facebook page. She saw that Paula was going to be at an expo in pueblo and will be having a drawing to attend her class. We had gone to an expo and Jamie had said “the first thing I am going to do is go see Paula at her booth”. Upon arriving at her booth Jamie had said to Paula, “I’m Going to Win” as she entered for the drawing to attend her class for free. Later that day Paula had called Jamie and told her she had won, Jamie was so excited! I recall that the class had to be pushed back for a bit, but that was ok because it gave me time to be able to attend the class with Jamie. I had been wanting to move to Arizona for some time and be closer to family and to grow our insurance business but just didn’t know how it would work. Jamie was on board because she had known this is want I wanted to do prior to getting married. We had attended the class “Fall into your Dreams” with Paula and things just started to click for us in knowing what we needed to do next. I honestly don’t recall dates of when we had made our dream boards but the whole family had each of us put on paper what we wanted to see as we prepare for our goal. We stayed focused and prayed about what we had wanted and knew that God would help everything fall into place as it needed to be. The time had come to place our home on the market in March of 2017. I did not know if the timing was right, but I know we wanted to be in Arizona buy July 2017. We had only had our home on the market for a few days when we had received the first offer and did not accept. We had a few offers before we received what we knew was the right one for us. We Arrived in Arizona the last few days of April 2017. We are still enjoying everything we had dreamed about!

Taking this Class helped Jamie and I know what we needed to do into making our dreams into reality. We Highly recommend any and everyone that may want more in their life to contact Paula and attend her class."

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